Stuffer White - Light Without Heat


"Good Evening Boys and Girls!" Stuffer produces one of the best Progressive Music shows on the internet. Mixed with humor and deep information and just some random goofiness; Stuffer is a great friend and killer DJ.

Stop by and listen to his show on Spreak Web Radio. You can get to Stuffer's page by clicking on the picture to the left. Kick back, drink up and enjoy some killer Progressive Music for the Progressive Mind!

Don "Duck" Landes - Quackhouse Radio


Duck runs a great Internet Radio site called Quackhouse Radio. 4 channels to choose from. Bootlegger's Shack, Duck's House, Soundscapes and Moonshine Concerts.

Stop by, take a listen. 3 other DJ's operate throughout the week on Channel 3 where Soundscapes fill in the time between their shows. Sometimes, Duck will even pop in to do a live show and take requests from you to play. You'd be surprised what he has in his collection.

Mike Sherrill - WTAU Pea Ridge Nation


Papa Jack who rules over the Pea Ridge Dungeon every Sunday night from 8 PM to 11 PM Eastern Standard Time. Come ride the Crazy Train with one of the funniest men I know on the Internet airwaves.

It's never a dull moment with Mike Sherrill as he deals out the heaviest independent artists out there. From hard rock to some ripping death metal, Mike (Papa Jack) will stir your innards and "Wake Their Ass Up!". Come join in the fun and fellowship with us as my brother in metal spins some killer tunes.

Paul Higgins - Aquarian Moons


You won't hear a show quite like Paul's anywhere else. He plays anything from progressive rock to psychidelic to space rock and all points in between.

Kick back, grab a beer and just engulf yourself in the killer tuneage Paul serves us on a planetary scale, each week. Paul blasts off at 10 PM EST and ends somewhere around 1 AM and infinity.